26 July 2017 | A Request for Proposals for Editor of the Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory

The Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory (JPART) serves as a bridge between public administration and public management scholarship on the one hand and public policy studies on the other. Its multidisciplinary aim is to advance the organizational, administrative, and policy sciences as they apply to government and governance. The journal is committed to diverse and rigorous scholarship and serves as an outlet for the best conceptual and theory-based empirical work in the field.

JPART is the top-ranked journal in the category of Public Administration with a 5-year Impact Factor of 4.981 according to the 2016 Journal Citation Reports® (Clarivate Analytics, 2017).

The Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory is the official journal of the Public Management Research Association. Please visit the PRMA website for more information at

The term of service for the editor typically is five years in duration. The next editor will formally take over in January 1, 2019, with a transition process that will begin several months prior. We welcome bids from individuals who are interested in the role, and the chairs or deans in the academic units that would sponsor the journal. Bids for a shorter term of three or four years will be considered, as will bids proposing a team of editors.

The Role of the Editor

The editor of JPART is expected to be an established scholar in the field. Given the wide range of articles included in the journal, the editor should be someone who understands the breadth of the public administration field and is conversant and knowledgeable about the diverse scholars and methodological approaches in the public administration community. In addition, the editor is expected to be responsive to the individuals who submit manuscripts to the journal and able to provide constructive feedback to those individuals.

The Editor is responsible for the organization, operation and management of all aspects of the receipt of manuscripts submitted to JPART, which includes the selection of reviewers, the evaluation of reviews, and intermediate and final manuscript selection or rejection. In these duties, the Editor position is autonomous, not supervised by PMRA leadership or the Director of PMRA Journals.

The Editor is supported by a team of Co-Editors of his or her choice, appointed solely by the editor, whose primary role is to share the editorial workload by taking editorial duties on a portion of submitted articles as identified by the Editor. In practice, recent JPART Editors have employed 4-6 Co-Editors, who typically cover areas of expertise outside the Editor’s areas of expertise, but the new editor may wish to expand the number given ongoing increases in submissions. The Editor has traditionally worked with co-editors in determining whether manuscripts will be reviewed, the choice of reviewers, the publication decision, and the writing of letters to authors explaining why a manuscript was accepted or rejected.

The Editor will work with the Director of PMRA journals. The Director and the Editor share responsibility for appointments to the Board of Editors and appointments of Book Review editors. In consultation with officials from Oxford University Press, the Director of PMRA Journals organizes each issue, including the order of articles, the number of articles included, the choice of cover art, and all other aspects of issue production. The Director acts as a liaison between JPART subscribers, including PMRA members, and the Director of the PMRA Secretariat who manages the JPART subscription list.

The JPART Editor also will be expected to coordinate with the Editor of the new PMRA journal, Perspectives on Public Management & Governance (PPMG).

The Editor reports to the PMRA Board annually about the state of the journal. The Editor is also an ex-officio member of the PMRA Board

Criteria for Selection

There are a range of criteria that will be used to assess proposals:

• A statement by the prospective Editor about that individual’s vision and goals for the journal which should include information about their expected outcomes and ideas for additions or improvements in the journal.

• A letter from the relevant Dean or other administrator that indicates a willingness to provide support for the Editor. The nature and level of support has varied from one Editor and institution to another, including reductions in teaching loads, dedicated research assistance, space, telephone, computer facilities, and conference travel funds. Oxford University Press has provided software and the structure for manuscript management, which greatly reduces the need for administrative assistance.

• Evidence that the individual has the ability to manage the journal, has relevant organizational and/or editorial experience, and has knowledge of PMRA.


August, 2017: Request for Proposals distributed

Feb 1, 2018: Proposals due

March/April 2018: Interviews of applicants and selection of new editor

October-December 2018: New editor works with current editor Brad Wright to ensure smooth transition

January 2019: New editor takes over

Submitting a Proposal

Proposals should be sent electronically to the Chair of the JPART editor selection committee, Craig Thomas ( and Rosemary O’Leary, President of PMRA (

Committee members in addition to Craig Thomas are: Brad Wright, University of Georgia; Sonia Ospina, New York University (; Kirk Emerson, University of Arizona (; Joerg Raab, Tilburg University (; and Ken Meier, ex-officio non-voting member, Texas A&M University (


The following individuals have volunteered to talk with anyone contemplating applying for the editor position:

Brad Wright, current editor of JPART (

Craig Thomas, former editor of JPART ( and Chair of selection committee

Carolyn Heinrich, former editor of JPART (

Beryl Radin, former editor of JPART (

Stu Bretschneider, former editor of JPART (

Ken Meier, Director, PMRA Journals (

Don Moynihan, immediate past president, PMRA (

Rosemary O’Leary, current president PMRA (

In particular, we recommend talking with Brad Wright, who has the most current understanding of the editorial tasks and load of the position.

5 May 2017 | Results of the 2017 PMRA Board Election

PMRA is pleased to announce the results of the 2017 Board Election. With a voter turnout of 43% among current PMRA members, the following five individuals have been elected to the Governing Board and will begin their terms following the Public Management Research Conference in June of this year:

•    Lotte Bøgh Andersen,
•    Claudia N. Avellaneda,
•    Kelly LeRoux,
•    Rob Christensen, and
•    Susan Webb Yackee.

PMRA wishes to thank all of the nominees who graciously agreed to participate in the election as well as the members who took the time to vote.

24 April 2017 | The Recipients of the 2016 Beryl Radin Award for the Best Article Published in JPART are Christine Palus and Susan Webb Yackee

Professor Christine Palus of Villanova University and Professor Susan Webb Yackee of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and have won the Beryl Radin Award from the Public Management Research Association for Best Article in the Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory published during 2016. PMRA President Don Moynihan noted: “The Radin award is special precisely because it is based on a peer assessment of the most impactful work in the best journal in public affairs – it is based entirely on merit, and one of the highest honors in our field.”

The winning paper, “Clerks or Kings? Partisan Alignment and Delegation to the US Bureaucracy,” examines the role of partisanship in narrowing the perceived policy authority available to politically like-minded agency officials. Using three decades of 6,000-plus survey observations in all 50 states, the researchers found that shared political affiliations between the governor or legislature and agency heads restrict perceptions of administrative autonomy.

The article was selected from all of the published papers in JPART by a committee featuring Jessica Sowa (chair), University of Baltimore; Poul Nielsen, Southern Denmark University; Tina Nabatchi, Syracuse University; and Deneen Hatmaker, University of Connecticut. The committee note that: “Palus and Yackee developed novel measures and data to test what is probably the strongest and best-supported claim made by the delegation literature, and they produce a finding that is completely at odds with all existing work. The new measure fits with public administration scholarship in nature by asking what happens in practice (the use of perceived discretion) rather than counting formal rules. In this fashion, the paper revisits the importance of the bureaucratic machinery and not just formal statute.”

Palus and Yackee said: “Wow; this is thrilling! We are so pleased to have this incredible acknowledgement of our work.” The award will be presented at the business meeting of the Public Management Research Conference on June 9th at American University.

13 April 2017 | Richard Walker Selected as PMRA Vice-President; Holly Goerdel Re-elected as Treasurer

Professor Richard Walker of the City University of Hong Kong was selected as the incoming Public Management Research Association Vice-President for 2017-2019. He will serve with PMRA President-elect Rosemary O’ Leary and after his term as Vice-President, Richard will become the PMRA President in 2019-2021.

Walker was nominated by a specially convened committee of Craig Thomas (University of Washington), Amanda Girth (the Ohio State University), Carolyn Heinrich (Vanderbilt University), Lene Holm Pedersen (Copenhagen Business School), and Nick Petrovsky (University of Kentucky). His nomination was supported unanimously by the PMRA Board.

PMRA President Don Moynihan said: “Richard is the perfect choice for the for the PMRA. We are an association that emphasizes the importance of rigorous research, and Richard is among our best. We are growing internationally, and Richard has built research networks that scan the globe. And he has been a dedicated member of this group of scholars for a long time. We are delighted that he will step into this role.”

Walker commented: “When Don told me that I was elected Vice President and President elect of PRMA my response was “wow”! This was heartfelt, being nominated for such a position by one’s peers is deeply gratifying. It will be an honor serving the PMRA community over the coming years. I will seek to enhance the effectiveness, standing and reach of the association as it moves into its fourth decade and provide leadership to the membership.”

Professor Holly Goerdel of the University of Kansas was re-elected as PMRA Treasurer. Moynihan noted “We are lucky that Holly is willing to continue in this role. No-one has done more to institutionalize good financial practice in the PMRA and put us on a sound financial footing.”

11 April 2017 | The Recipient of the 2017 H. George Frederickson Award is Rosemary O’Leary

The Public Management Research Association is pleased to announce that the winner of the 2017 H. George Frederickson award is Professor Rosemary O’ Leary of the University of Kansas. The Frederickson Award honors a senior scholar for career contributions to the field of public management. Exemplary contributions include, but are not limited to, adding to the intellectual development of the field and building professional capital related to public management research.

PMRA President Don Moynihan said “The Frederickson Award honors best scholars in our field. The prior winners–Lynn, Hood, Radin, Meier, Bozeman, Perry and Rainey–make up of a gallery of giants, and Rosemary now takes her place among them. The fact that she is also the incoming President of PMRA underlines her ongoing commitment to the field. This is truly an extraordinary honor.”

Professor O’ Leary commented: “I am honored and humbled to have been selected as the 2017 winner of the Frederickson Award.  As the founder of JPART and one of the founders of PMRA, George Frederickson was, and still is an innovator, an entrepreneur and a catalyst for creative action and thought.  He has a talent for pulling together the right people to move the field forward, always with the goal of rigorous scholarship and original thinking.  As a colleague he has been a wonderful role model and mentor. This award means so much to me personally and professionally. Thank you to the award committee and to PMRA for this incredible recognition.”

The awards committee was chaired by Oliver James (University of Exeter) and also included Hal Rainey (University of Georgia), Leisha-DeHart Davis (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill), Dominic Bearfield (Texas A&M University), and Jiaqi Liang (New Mexico State University).

The Frederickson Award is presented annually at the Public Management Research Conference which will be held this year at American University.

PMRA Selects Professor Kirk Emerson as Editor of Perspectives on Public Management & Governance

The Public Management Research Association has selected Professor Kirk Emerson of the University of Arizona as editor for its new journal Perspectives on Public Management & Governance (PPMG). Professor Emerson will take over in 2018, joining a team of co-editors that includes Lotte Bøgh Andersen, Sandra Groenveld, Patrick Kenis, Stéphane Lavertu, and Tina Nabatchi.

Professor Emerson was the unanimous choice of the PPMG Editor Selection Committee: Fran Berry (chair), Al Roberts, Holly Goerdel, Anne Khademian, Lotte Bøgh Andersen, and Ken Meier (ex officio). The PMRA Board enthusiastically accepted their recommendation.

“We are delighted to have Kirk take the reins of the PPMG” said PMRA President Don Moynihan. “The PPMG is the most exciting development for the PMRA since the creation of JPART. Kirk’s mixture of experiences in the world of scholarship and practice give her a great ability to think broadly about the role the PPMG can play. I am grateful to the selection committee, and especially to Ken Meier who took on the role of editor as we created the PPMG. Ken will work with Kirk for a transition period, and continue to serve as PMRA Journals Director.”

“I am delighted to be chosen as the editor of PPMG and look forward to working with Ken, the editorial team and PMRA to launch this exciting new endeavor,” said Professor Emerson. “These are challenging times for those of us committed to professional public administration and democratic governance. I hope PPMG can provide inspiration and fresh insights for scholars and practitioners as they continue to serve the public interest and uphold the integrity of our public institutions.”