Upcoming Board Elections & Your Membership

PMRA members will soon vote on a slate of nominees to fill five board positions. Because we rescheduled last year’s PMRC due to COVID, many previous members let their memberships lapse because there was no conference to which to tie membership renewal.

We raise this issue because PMRA bylaws state that only active members can vote in PMRA elections. So if your membership has lapsed and you would like to vote in the upcoming election (scheduled to launch May 1st), please renew your membership by April 23rd at this link. 

Some information on renewing:

If you have questions about this process, please email PMRA@ku.edu.

We hope you will renew your membership and vote in the upcoming PMRA elections!


PMRA was created by a group of scholars seeking a more robust venue for presenting and discussing high quality public management research.  Now in our 29th year, our mission has expanded to one of improving public governance by advancing research on public organizations, strengthening links among interdisciplinary scholars, and furthering professional and academic opportunities in public management.

The Public Management Research Association:

So, what’s in it for you?

Free Subscriptions to JPART and PPMG
Membership in PMRA is renewed every year from 2021 and includes access to both sponsored journals. JPART is consistently ranked as one of the most-cited journals in public management, and PPMG is considered an emerging leader in public management theory development and conceptual work. For a small additional fee, members can choose to receive print copies as well.

Competitive Student Pricing
Student memberships include digital access to JPART and PPMG and are priced at only $65. The $78 student rate includes a print and online subscription to the journals.  This makes PMRA one of the most affordable and valuable academic professional organizations for students. Students and other job seekers are also alerted to job ads promoted through PMRA’s weekly announcements. PMRA also recently introduced an inclusion awards initiative which serves to assist underrepresented students participate in the PMRC.

Opportunities to Contribute
PMRA wants to hear from you! We are always looking for contributors to our newsletter Management Matters, as well as submissions to the book review sections of JPART and PPMG, submissions to special symposiums, and other opportunities to publish and/or promote your research and writing. Stay up to date by following us on Twitter (https://twitter.com/pmra1991) or check out our website –www.pmranet.org.

Access to the Public Management Research Conference
PMRC, the annual conference for the Public Management Research Association, is an exclusive gathering of the top global scholars of public management. Access is limited to scholars who are presenting, and all presentations are peer-reviewed prior to acceptance. Attendees must also be active members of PMRA. Due to the unique nature of PMRC, the networking and professional development opportunities are among the best in the field.

New members will have the option to select a membership that includes a print and online subscription to JPART and PPMG, or a “green” online only subscription for a reduced cost. The PMRA is also pleased to offer discounted rates for students.

We hope you will join us (or renew your membership) by clicking this link.