The Camilla Stivers Award

A Network Autonomy Framework: Reconceptualizing Special District Autonomy in Polycentric Systems by Robert A. Greer of Texas A&M University and Tyler Scott of the University of California, Davis (2020) addresses an important theoretical issue of dynamic relationships among interdependent actors within network governance of polycentric systems utilizing special districts as example. Special districts are an important element of broader public administration but still understudied. This paper encourages scholars to move beyond focusing on legal reporting structures when studying such special purpose governments to also study informal relationships, interdependencies, and how information is exchanged between government actors. In addition to addressing an important topic in the field, the paper develops a network autonomy and formal autonomy framework with successful application. The framework can be applied to other cases and issues in network governance. As such, the paper contributes to network governance and to the broader field of public administration.


The 2021 Camilla Stivers Award Committee

Sharon Gilad (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Chair, Ellen Rubin (Albany), Naim Kapucu (University of Central Florida) and Xufeng Zhu (Tsinghua)



PMRC 2021 will be held virtually and will not include an awards ceremony. The 2021 Awards will be formally presented at PMRC 2022 when we can, hopefully, convene in person.


The Camilla Stivers Award is given annually for the best article published in PPMG.

Past Recipients

Joris van der Voet, Organizational Decline and Innovation in Public Organizations: A Contextual Framework of Cutback Managament, 2(2), 139- 154.