The Meier PMRC Travel Inclusion Award

PMRA is delighted to announce the creation of the Meier PMRC Travel Inclusion Awards. These awards will support PhD students from underserved populations in the U.S. to attend PMRC meetings, thanks to the generous fund endowment by Professor Kenneth J. Meier (Distinguished Scholar in Residence, School of Public Affairs, American University).

The 2021 Public Management Research Conference will be entirely virtual and, consequently, no Meier award will be given this year.

The call for applications will be announced in advance of the 2022 Public Management Research Conference. Please watch for those details as well as details on how PMRA members can contribute to the Meier PMRC Travel Inclusion Awards fund.

The board is extremely grateful for Professor Meier’s exceptional support. We believe that these awards represent an important and significant contribution to public management scholarship.

Thank you, Professor Meier!