Riccucci-O’Leary Award

Congratulations to Kim Moloney and Rupert Lewis on winning the 2024 Riccucci-O’Leary Award for their influential work, “The flawed foundations of social equity in public administration: A racial contract theory critique.”


The Riccucci-O’Leary Award is given annually for the best article on diversity, broadly defined, published in JPART or PPMG.

Past Recipients:

2023 – Shilpa Viswanath, Assistant Professor, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, and Aritree Samanta, Assistant Professor, San Francisco State University School of Public Affairs and Civic Engagement, for their article, “Gender Ramifications of a Weberian Bureaucracy: A Feminist Appraisal of the United States Department of Agriculture,” Perspectives on Public Management and Governance, 5,(2), 97-110.

2022 – Rachel Augustine Potter and Craig Volden for their article, “A Female Policy Premium? Agency Context and Women’s Leadership in the US Federal Bureaucracy.” Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, 31,(1), 91-107.

2021 – Katie Vinopal