Current Issue: April 2019 29(2)

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Executive Control and Turnover in the Senior Executive Service

Kathleen M Doherty; David E Lewis; Scott Limbocker

Keeping Your Enemies Close: The Role of Distrust in Structuring a Local Hydraulic Fracturing Policy Network in New York

Jeongyoon Lee; Jennifer Dodge

Are Public Sector Managers a “Bureaucratic Burden”? The Case of English Public Hospitals

Gianluca Veronesi; Ian Kirkpatrick; Ali Altanlar

How Institutional Culture Trumps Tier Effects: Evidence from Government Responsiveness to FOI Requests

Ed Gareth Poole

Predicting Budgetary Change: The Effect of Performance Gaps

Carla M Flink

Nonprofit Spending and Government Provision of Public Services: Testing Theories of Government–Nonprofit Relationships

Yuan (Daniel) Cheng

Citizens’ Evaluations of the Public Sector: Evidence From Two Large-Scale Experiments

Ulrik Hvidman

When Your Group Fails: The Effect of Race-Based Performance Signals on Citizen Voice and Exit

John B Holbein; Hans J G Hassell

The Methods Symposium (Part I)

The Public Administration Manifesto II: Matching Methods to Theory and Substance

Ling Zhu; Christopher Witko; Kenneth J Meier

Case Study Design and Analysis as a Complementary Empirical Strategy to Econometric Analysis in the Study of Public Agencies: Deploying Mutually Supportive Mixed Methods

Dan Honig

Theorizing from Qualitative Research in Public Administration: Plurality through a Combination of Rigor and Richness

Rachel Elizabeth Ashworth; Aoife Mary McDermott; Graeme Currie

Mixed Methods in Public Administration Research: Selecting, Sequencing, and Connecting

Valentina Mele; Paolo Belardinelli

A Reviewer’s Guide to Qualitative Rigor

Branda Nowell; Kate Albrecht

Book Reviews

From Ideology to Evidence: Publicness, Organizational Functioning, and School Teaching Climates

Aimee L Williamson

A Timely Addition in the Study of Narrative

Michael D Jones

Do Performance Metrics and Targets Boost Trust in Government?

Oliver James

Researching Multilevel Governance: A Local Government Perspective

Tiziana Caponio