Current Issue: October 2017 27(4)

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Black in Blue: Racial Profiling and Representative Bureaucracy in Policing Revisited
Sounman Hong

Compared to What? How Social and Historical Reference Points Affect Citizens’ Performance Evaluations
Asmus Leth Olsen

Agency Performance Challenges and Agency Politicization
Abby K. Wood, David E. Lewis

Does Benchmarking Encourage Improvement or Convergence? Evaluating North Carolina’s Fiscal Benchmarking Tool
Ed Gerrish, Thomas Luke Spreen

The Impact of Administrative Structure on the Ability of City Governments to Overcome Functional Collective Action Dilemmas: A Climate and Energy Perspective
Richard C. Feiock, Rachel M. Krause, Christopher V. Hawkins

Administrative Centralization and Bureaucratic Responsiveness: Evidence from the Food Stamp Program
Vladimir Kogan

Winners and Losers in the Ecology of Games: Network Position, Connectivity, and the Benefits of Collaborative Governance Regimes
Tyler A. Scott, Craig W. Thomas

Compensating for Poor Performance with Promotional Symbols: Evidence from a Survey Experiment
Saar Alon-Barkat, Sharon Gilad

Balancing Relations and Results in Regional Networks of Public-Policy Implementation
Esther Klaster, Celeste P. M. Wilderom, Dennis R. Muntslag

The Pathways That Make New Public Employees Committed: A Dual-Process Model Triggered by Newcomer Learning
Filipe Sobral, Liliane Furtado, Gazi Islam