Current Issue: April 2018 28(2)

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“They Are Underpaid and Understaffed”: How Clients Interpret Encounters with Street-Level Bureaucrats

Carolyn Y Barnes; Julia R Henly

Are Future Bureaucrats More Risk Averse? The Effect of Studying Public Administration and PSM on Risk Preferences

Markus Tepe; Christine Prokop

How Do Elected Officials Evaluate Performance? Goal Preferences, Governance Preferences, and the Process of Goal Reprioritization

Julian Christensen; Casper Mondrup Dahlmann; Asbjørn Hovgaard Mathiasen; Donald P Moynihan; Niels Bjørn Grund Petersen

Does the Influence of Empowering Leadership Trickle Down? Evidence From Law Enforcement Organizations

Jongsoo Park; Shahidul Hassan

Which Clients are Deserving of Help? A Theoretical Model and Experimental Test

Sebastian Jilke; Lars Tummers

The Bureaucracy and the Policy Agenda

Martin Baekgaard; Peter B Mortensen; Henrik Bech Seeberg

The Determinants of Promotion to High Public Office in Germany: Partisan Loyalty, Political Craft, or Managerial Competencies?

Tobias Bach; Sylvia Veit

The Governance of Goal-Directed Networks and Network Tasks: An Empirical Analysis of European Regulatory Networks

Susanna Salvador Iborra; Angel Saz-Carranza; Xavier Fernández-i-Marín; Adrià Albareda


Book Reviews

Cross-Sector Collaboration for Public Innovation

Chul Hyun Park

Contracting, Civil Service Reform, and the Call to Reprofessionalize Public Service

Amanda M Girth