Current Issue: March 2019 2(1)

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Editorial Essay

PPMG’s First Year

Kirk Emerson


Understanding Vacancy Time: A Theoretical Framework Informed by Cross-sector Comparison

Amanda Rutherford; Jeryl L Mumpower; Ricardo A Bello-Gomez; Marlisa Griffin

Disentangling the Relationship Between Public Service Motivation and Ethics: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Guillem Ripoll

Theoretical Frontiers in Representative Bureaucracy: New Directions for Research

Kenneth J Meier

The Formation and Administration of Multipurpose Development Districts: Private Interests Through Public Institutions

David P Carter; Aaron Deslatte; Tyler A Scott

Managing Risks in Public Organizations: A Conceptual Foundation and Research Agenda

Justin B Bullock; Robert A Greer; Laurence J O’Toole, Jr.