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The Dark Sides of Public Service Motivation: A Multi-level Theoretical Framework
Carina Schott; Adrian Ritz

Launching Perspectives on Public Management & Governance
Kirk Emerson

Initiating Some Intellectual Debates
Kenneth J Meier

Whither Recreation and Parks? Understanding Change in Public Institutions Through a Theory of Adaptive Publicness
Craig A Talmage; Derrick M Anderson; Mark S Searle

Making Sense of Performance Regimes: Rebalancing External Accountability and Internal Learning
Mads Leth Jakobsen; Martin Baekgaard; Donald P Moynihan; Nina van Loon

Angling for Sharks, Not Pilot Fish: Deep Corruption, Venal Corruption, and Public Values Failure
Barry Bozeman; Angel Luis Molina, Jr.; Wesley Kaufmann

Governance and Media Attention: A Research Agenda About How Media Affect (Network) Governance Processes
Erik Hans Klijn; Iris Korthagen

Balancing Barriers to Entry and Administrative Burden in Voluntary Regulation
David P Carter; Tyler A Scott; Nadia Mahallati

Public Values Frames in Administration and Governance
Tina Nabatchi

Antecedents of Public Service Motivation: The Role of Gender
Norma M Riccucci

Toward a Conditional Analysis of NGO-Local Government Relations in Developing Countries
Khaldoun AbouAssi; Ann O’M Bowman

The Aims of Public Administration: Reviving the Classical View
Alasdair Roberts