The Camilla Stivers Award

The Camilla Stivers Award is for the best article published in PPMG. It is awarded annually and presented at the Public Management Research Association conference.

Current Recipient

Joris van der Voet, Organizational Decline and Innovation in Public Organizations: A Contextual Framework of Cutback Managament, 2(2), 139- 154.

A committee chaired by Professor Gene A. Brewer with Professors Rachel Ashworth and Sharon Gilad as members reviewed all articles from 2019 and unanimously selected the article for this award. The committee believes this paper stands out for its timely and important contribution to public management theory and research. As stated in the abstract, the cutback management literature currently lacks a theoretical framework that accounts for the relationship between cutback management strategies and innovation in the face of decline. This paper fills that need by articulating a theoretically grounded framework consisting of propositions that clarify the anticipated relationships between cutback management strategies , organizational innovation, and organizational context. As such, we believe the paper will likely stimulate future research on cutback management and ultimately improve public management practice.