Perspectives on Public Management and Governance

Editor, Kirk Emerson

Perspectives on Public Management and Governance (PPMG) is dedicated to theory development and conceptual work challenging and advancing the field of public affairs.

PPMG will seek to develop new theories, frameworks, and conceptual models, as well as summative and critical evaluations of existing theoretical frameworks. It will welcome contributions from a variety of epistemological frameworks that can add a new perspective to public administration and governance, e.g. positivist, normative, interpretive, grounded, and critical theory. In addition to publishing new theoretical work, the journal will publish analytical reviews of literature. While the primary focus of the journal is not to test empirical work, it is hoped the work will consider concepts used in empirical work, stimulate discussion of trends, advancements, and synthesis of empirical work such as meta-analyses, and include theoretical developments that offer empirical illustrations, either quantitative or qualitative.

PMRA Selects Professor Kirk Emerson as Editor of Perspectives on Public Management & Governance

The Public Management Research Association has selected Professor Kirk Emerson of the University of Arizona as editor for its new journal Perspectives on Public Management & Governance (PPMG). Professor Emerson will take over in 2018, joining a team of co-editors that includes Lotte Bøgh Andersen, Sandra Groenveld, Patrick Kenis, Stéphane Lavertu, and Tina Nabatchi.

Professor Emerson was the unanimous choice of the PPMG Editor Selection Committee: Fran Berry (chair), Al Roberts, Holly Goerdel, Anne Khademian, Lotte Bøgh Andersen, and Ken Meier (ex officio). The PMRA Board enthusiastically accepted their recommendation.

“We are delighted to have Kirk take the reins of the PPMG” said PMRA President Don Moynihan. “The PPMG is the most exciting development for the PMRA since the creation of JPART. Kirk’s mixture of experiences in the world of scholarship and practice give her a great ability to think broadly about the role the PPMG can play. I am grateful to the selection committee, and especially to Ken Meier who took on the role of editor as we created the PPMG. Ken will work with Kirk for a transition period, and continue to serve as PMRA Journals Director.”

“I am delighted to be chosen as the editor of PPMG and look forward to working with Ken, the editorial team and PMRA to launch this exciting new endeavor,” said Professor Emerson. “These are challenging times for those of us committed to professional public administration and democratic governance. I hope PPMG can provide inspiration and fresh insights for scholars and practitioners as they continue to serve the public interest and uphold the integrity of our public institutions.”