Isett and Sowa Named as Editors of PPMG

The Board of Directors of the Public Management Research Association is pleased to announce the next editors of Perspectives on Public Management and Governance, Professor Kimberly R. Isett and Professor Jessica Sowa, both with the University of Delaware. The search committee was chaired by Professor Tina Nabatchi and included Professors Fran Berry, Lene Holm Pedersen, Meghna Sabharwal and Xufeng Zhu. In their report to the PMRA Board, the committee noted that “both members of the editorial team are senior scholars with significant editorial experience. Both have produced theoretical scholarship, and together, they have a breadth of scholarly expertise. These qualities make them a solid fit for the editor position at PPMG.”

Congratulations to Professors Isett and Sowa, and a deep note of gratitude to Professor Kirk Emerson for launching PPMG and developing it into the field’s premier theory journal.