The H. George Frederickson Award

The 2022 George Frederickson Award Committee has selected Dr. Sanjay Pandey for this career award.  Contributions to public management scholarship are highly important as the basis for this award, and it also includes contributions to the development of professional capital in our field, including association service, journal advancement, and mentoring young scholars.  Sanjay’s career contributions across all these areas are impressive and balanced and demonstrate his contribution to the intellectual development of public management through his own scholarship and writing but also through offering others the opportunities to contribute and develop their creative abilities.

His letter of nomination notes: “Professor Pandey has made major scholarly contributions to the study of public management over the last three decades. He has published 81 journal articles and received twelve scholarly honors. The breadth of his research is staggering, including worker motivation, organizational performance, red tape, gender, goal ambiguity, leadership, and other major topics.  His contributions have created fresh new insights on public management themes such as psychological and behavioral perspective on red tape, and a clear organizational focus on public service motivation research, performance management, leadership, and other themes.”  Professor Pandey has been cited more than 15,558 times according to Google Scholar, including four co-authored publications in JPART that represent the journal’s 50 most-cited articles.  The high quality of his work has been recognized through over a dozen significant awards for best article, and receipt of the NASPAA/ASPA Distinguished Research Award in 2013, which “recognizes an individual’s research which has made substantial impact on the thought and understanding of public administration.”

Prof. Pandey has mentored dozens of public management scholars and co-authored widely.  He has been active in a range of public administration professional associations, including the Academy of Management and PMRA. He served on PMRA’s Board and chaired the extensive process of initial design and launching of Perspectives on Public Management and Governance. Currently Sanjay serves as an editor at Public Administration Review and has played editorial roles in seven other journals.

The Committee also noted that Professor Pandey has broken the glass ceiling within our profession, becoming the most prominent scholar with Indian heritage.  His commitment to social equity and societal responsiveness to equality continues in recent years as he convened Consortium of Race and Gender Scholars (CORGES), which produced the first-ever gathering of race and gender scholars at the Public Management Research Conference in 2019. He was also the driving force behind a subsequent CORGES event, the Public Administration Review Symposium on Race, Gender, and Social Equity in Governance.

Prof. Pandey is truly upholding Professor Fredrickson’s legacy in these multiple professional ways,  which was a hallmark of George’s remarkable vision, energy and bringing into action his dreams of a professional, collegial and equitable public management field.

2022 Frederickson Award Committee:

Thanks to the committee members for their service.

The H. George Frederickson Award honors a senior scholar for career contributions to the field of public management.  Exemplary contributions include, but are not limited to, adding to the intellectual development of the field and building professional capital (e.g., journal development and other means of sharing PM scholarship and information) related to public management research.

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