Current Issue: December 2019 2(4)

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Minnowbrook at 50: A Prelude

Julia L Carboni; Tina Nabatchi

Reflections on the Persistent Issue of Relevance in Public Administration

Khaldoun AbouAssi; Anna Amirkhanyan; Gloria Billingsley; Randolph Lyon

Microbrook, Mesobrook, Macrobrook

Sebastian Jilke; Asmus Leth Olsen; William Resh; Saba Siddiki

Overcoming Parochialism in American Public Administration

Jonathan E Beagles; Sabina Schnell; Catherine Gerard

Start with the Problem: Establishing Research Relevance with Integrative Public Administration

Julia L Carboni; Todd Dickey; Stephanie Moulton; Sean O’keefe; Rosemary O’leary

Democracy, Public Administration, and Public Values in an Era of Estrangement

Curtis Ventriss; James L Perry; Tina Nabatchi; H Brinton Milward; Jocelyn M Johnston

Social Equity in Public Administration: A Call to Action

Brandi Blessett; Jennifer Dodge; Beverly Edmond; Holly T Goerdel; Susan T Gooden

Artificial Discretion as a Tool of Governance: A Framework for Understanding the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Public Administration

Matthew M Young; Justin B Bullock; Jesse D Lecy

Minnowbrook at 50: A Post-Script

Julia L Carboni; Tina Nabatchi