The Meier PMRC Travel Inclusion Award

The goal of the Meier PMRC Travel Inclusion Awards is to provide support to doctoral students
who expand the diversity of conference attendees, broadly defined. Specifically, the Meier
PMRC Travel Inclusion Award prioritizes supporting American students who identify as African
American, Hispanic or Latina/o, Native American, Asian-American and Pacific Islanders, and
LGBTQ+. We also will consider applications from students of any nationality that come from a
historically underrepresented group in their home country, students who expand the geographic
representation of conference participants, and students for whom participation in the conference
would represent a financial hardship.

Students must be presenting a paper or poster at the conference to be considered for an award.
Awards will be in the amount of $500 US.


Application Instructions:

1. Please submit a cover letter and a CV. The cover letter must include the following
information in a short paragraph:

2. The PhD supervisor or PhD program director also should send a short email indicating (1)
whether they support you presenting your work at the conference, and (2) the level of
financial support you are likely to receive from your department, if any. This does not need
to be a detailed letter. An email with a few sentences will be adequate.

Submit your application materials and any questions to: Deadline for applications: March 15, 2022.

The committee will make award notifications within four weeks of the application deadline.

Award Committee Members:

PMRA is able to make this award thanks to a generous fund endowment by Professor Kenneth J. Meier, Distinguished Scholar in Residence, School of Public Affairs, American University.

The board is extremely grateful for Professor Meier’s exceptional support. We believe that these awards represent an important and significant contribution to public management scholarship.

Thank you, Professor Meier!