The Meier PMRC Travel Inclusion Award

The following PhD students from received Meier PMRC Travel Inclusion Awards to attend PMRC2024 in Seattle, The Netherlands.

Congratulations to:

Morgan Woodle, University of Oklahoma

Claudia Valencia Uribe, University of California, Irvine
Maíra Souza, São Paulo School of Business Administration at Fundação Getulio Vargas

Derrick Boakye Boadu, Florida International University

Omowonuola Fayemiro, University of Illinois Chicago

Seyed Mohsen Fatemi, University of Kansas

Aubrey Stewart, Florida International University

Kyela Gadi, Georgia State University

Emma Northcott, George Washington University

Wasimon Tosuratana, University of Arizona

Erzuah Nvidah, Florida International University

Soohyun Park, University at Albany

Guimin Zheng, Florida State University

Hyoeun Kim, University at Albany

Jeonghwa Yang, Florida State University

Yiying Chen, Rutgers University-Newark

Shuwen Zhang, University of Illinois Chicago

Faisal Cheema, Indiana University Bloomington

Raul Gutierrez Meave, University of Illinois Chicago

Eliana Sanchez Rangel, North Carolina State University

Karl Santiago, Indiana University, Bloomington

Keunyoung Lee, University of Southern California

Ying Liu, Rutgers University-Newark

Meng Ye, Georgia State University

Jongmin Lee, Indiana University Bloomington

Kyungmin Lee, University of Central Florida

Jaeyeong Nam, Florida State University

In Hae Noh, University at Albany

Seongdeok Oh, University of Texas at Dallas

Jung Won Choi, Georgia Institute of Technology

Hyunji Kim, Florida State University

Hyorim Seo, Rutgers University-Newark

Jeongyoon Yang, Georgia Institute of Technology

Hui Yin, Zhejiang University

The goal of the Meier PMRC Travel Inclusion Awards is to provide support to doctoral students who expand the diversity of conference attendees, broadly defined.  Specifically, the Meier PMRC Travel Inclusion Award prioritizes supporting American students who identify as African American, Hispanic or Latina/o, Native American, Asian-American and Pacific Islanders, and LGBTQ+. We also will consider applications from students of any nationality that come from a historically underrepresented group in their home country, students who expand the geographic representation of conference participants, and students for whom participation in the conference would represent a financial hardship. Students must be presenting a paper or poster at the conference to be considered for an award.  Awards will be in the amount of $500 US.